Sweet and Savory Pies 'n Fact

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Sweet and Savory Pies 'n Fact

In this pie cookbook, we can pick from 52 tasty recipes that this author has complied for her readers to sink their teeth into – pun intended. Each recipe contains a fact or tidbit of information that relates in some shape or form to the recipe it’s attached to. I found this to be an enjoyable bonus that she added for her reader. Ms. Nouveau also provides six pastry recipes to choose from depending on everyone’s tastes and baking abilities.

There are four recipes that I just can’t wait to try. They are: All-American Apple Pie; Banana Cream Pie; German Baker Chocolate Pie and lastly, Quebec Sugar Pie. I think Ms. Nouveau has another hit with this pie cookbook and I can’t wait to see what other books she already has available for purchase. Please keep writing more books, Ms. Nouveau!

Book Blurb for Sweet and Savory Pies 'n Fact

The tantalizing aroma of pie baking in the oven conjures up images of home, comfort and love. Whether sweet, savory, simple or festive, Sweet and Savory Pies ‘n Fact features 52 tried and true, and more importantly, ‘easy as pie’ recipes--one for every week of the year. Plus, 6 versatile pastry recipes that will delight novice and seasoned pie makers alike.

Fillings range from plump, seasonal, fresh fruit to wholesome, natural staples. Other super easy mouthwatering pies require surprisingly few ingredients at all.

Treat family and friends to a delicious homemade pie. Bacon Quiche, Beefeaters, Chicken Cheddar, Ham and Spinach, Potato Cheese, Sausage ‘n Pepper, Savory Pumpkin and Tourtiere are perfect any time of the day main course pies. For dessert there’s All-American Apple, Best Ever Blueberry, German Baker Chocolate, Harry Cherry, Lemon Limey, Peach Perfect, Peanut Butter, Pecan, Quebec Sugar, Raspberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, or Whiskey/Whisky Pumpkin and so many, many more.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 5.00