Wicked Missions, #4

I feel that book 4 in the Wicked Missions series didn't disappoint me at all. Ms. Raines creates unique far off places that are inhabited by fascinating characters and each story can clearly be a standalone story in the series, but enjoyed even more so when read in order. She definitely knows her craft and when she sprinkles her magic potion over her characters to make them come to life, she creates them to be so believable in every sense of the word. The heat index of each story keeps getting hotter so when I tell you that I had to fan myself while reading the sex scenes it's no exaggeration on my part. If you're looking for a Sci-Fi story that's fun, exciting and extremely erotic than look no further. Ms. Raines's Wicked Missions series is definitely one I highly recommend!

Book Blurb for Sold

Lyrianna Seebré is convicted and sentenced to forty years hard labor for a crime she didn’t commit. Upon arrival at the penal colony, she’s selected to be auctioned off to the male settlers of a newly-colonized planet. Can her two owners overcome her resistance and capture her heart? 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 5.00