Shell-Less Shelby

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Shell-Less Shelby

In this adorable children’s story, we meet Shelby the sea turtle and learn that she is the only turtle her mother gave birth to. When she hatches from her egg, she doesn’t realize that she’s shell-less. Just when she’s about to head out to the ocean to find her mother, she hears a cry from another sea turtle baby. She helps him crack out of his shell and they become fast friends. It’s when they both decide to head into the ocean to find their moms, that Gus realizes Shelby has no shell. Their adventure together begins and they set out to find something that can protect Shelby’s back. Do they finally find Shelby’s shell?

This book was fun to read because the story was entertaining and the illustrations were adorable. The colorful pictures added to the storyline and I found myself rooting Shelby and Gus on hoping they found something that Shelby could use to protect her back. The author wrote a story that I feel a reader of any age could enjoy. If you’re in the market for a colorful, light story to read to your children, this one would be a great choice to pick.

Book Blurb for Shell-Less Shelby

This is a story about a shell-less sea turtle who is searching for her shell. She tries on many different items, along the ocean shore, to see if it could be her shell. With the help from her friend Gus, they meet new creatures and try new things to help Shelby find who she is. So that they can adventure into the ocean to find their mommies.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 5.00