She Who Dares, Wins

Harlequin Blaze #607

American security specialist Katie McClure has to travel to London to protect who she thinks is an old environmental scientist. It seems his classified work has been drawing some death threats and he needs some protection.

When she arrives in London and meets up with Dr. Macon Douglas she can't believe her eyes. This man is nowhere near as old as she thought he would be. As a matter of fact, he's young and extremely hot. She just can't seem to get the dirty thoughts out of her head that seem to be running rampant right now. As for their chemistry, whenever they're together sparks fly between them.

Will she be able to protect Macon and still remain professional in the process? Or should she act on her attraction to him and have an affair?

I really enjoyed this story and loved the instant attraction these two characters had for each other. Their chemistry was very explosive between them. If you want to totally get submerged into a storyline for a few hours and have you begging for more in the end, than this is the perfect book for you to pick up! Well done, Ms. Havens!

Book Blurb for She Who Dares, Wins

Well, it certainly wasn't the assignment detective Katie McClure was expecting. Traveling to London to protect an old scientist who'd been receiving death threats? Too easy.

As it turns out, Dr. Macon Douglas is hot. The kind that makes Katie ponder her own kinds of experiments—namely ones that involve Mac being naked. But the death threats are real…along with the wicked chemistry that seems to sizzle and zap whenever they're together. Can Katie keep her professional thoughts in mind and keep Mac safe—or will she risk everything and dare to be bare?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.00