The Sextet Anthology Vol 1

I really enjoyed this anthology and felt that all six authors packed a punch with their stories. Each one had such a creative edge to it and all the characters were so enjoyable that I couldn't help falling in love with all of them. I had to fan myself a few times just to cool down while I was flipping the pages. These ladies know how to write stories that would make any reader wiggle in their seats begging for more. I liked all the stories, but my favorite by far was Immortal Kiss by Elizabeth Raines. The authors don't disappoint with this anthology and I would highly recommend it!

Book Blurb for Sharing

As children, we were all taught the importance of sharing, but when it comes to love, many are unwilling to compromise. Consider the dilemma of two men in love with the same woman, while that same woman loves both men equally and cannot choose. Pain and sadness are almost guaranteed for one man if she does decide to take one over the other. However, when a spirit of cooperation prevails, none of those involved need walk away hurt or unfulfilled—and the possibilities are endless.

Join us on a unique journey that will take you back into history, allow you to explore the present day, immerse you in the world of fantasy, and then send you forward in time to the distant future. Each story will lure you into a private world where nothing is taboo, no one is left sobbing in despair, and sensuously wicked pleasures abound.

* * * * *

Immortal Kiss by Elizabeth Raines [M/F/M/M Paranormal]

Double Desire by Cheryl Brooks [M/M/F Sci-fi]

Two Many Chefs by Mellanie Szereto [M/F/M Contemporary]

Southern Comfort by Ginger O'Brien [M/F/M Historical]

Double Tap by Annie Morgan [M/F/M Contemporary]

Studs in Stetsons by Niki Hayes [M/F/M Western]

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.00