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Mind Reader, #1

Kylie Bates is your ordinary teenager just trying to make it through high school. That is until one day she shakes hands with a salesman, who is at her door looking for her deceased mother, and it seems that everything begins to change for her from this point forward. Every time she shakes someone’s hand, she begins to see images from their mind and knows exactly what they’re thinking. When she tells her father about this new development, he doesn’t seem at all shocked at what she’s telling him. On the contrary, he can’t believe that she’s taking after her mother in the psychic department. Poor Kylie feels that her world is upside down now and she just doesn’t know how she can act like everything is okay when in fact it isn’t. But her father decides to use her new talent to do something positive. He volunteers Kylie to help the local detectives find a missing young girl.

How does Kylie feel about having this new talent and does she ever get used to reading people’s minds? Does using her mind reading skills help the detectives find the missing young girl?

I really enjoyed reading this YA story and felt bad for poor Kylie. I couldn’t imagine having her world turn upside down in a matter of minutes and now she has to learn to live with what seems to be more a curse than a new talent. I was a little surprised that her father allowed Kylie to go anywhere near the suspect the police had in custody, but as I read further along I just accepted the fact that it happened. I hoped that Kylie would learn how to use her new skills to possibly help other people and that she’d become comfortable enough with it to allow it to grow and be part of her. This is the second book I’ve read of Ms. Hatler’s and she did a wonderful job impressing me yet again. Great job!

Book Blurb for Shaken

High school junior, Kylie Bates, can suddenly read minds. When she touches people’s hands, she’s able to see their deepest thoughts. As if that’s not freaky enough, her dad sends her to help hottie detective, Sam Williams, track down a missing girl. Way too much pressure, especially for a girl who can’t watch Scream without getting nightmares.

Then, finding the missing girl leads to much more than Kylie’s prepared for. Like discovering that her dad has been lying to her. That she has a family she never knew about. That the girls have powers similar to hers. Oh yeah, and that someone is out to get her.

When the detective’s teenage wanna-be-cop cousin, Trip Williams, approaches Kylie at school insisting she help him solve the case, she discovers Trip might be the only one she can trust, and the only one to help her unravel the secrets behind her mysterious gift.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00