Shadowed Trust

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Shadowed Trust

Colorado Trust series, #3

Ms. Netzel outdid herself yet again with her latest novel in the Colorado Trust series. The chemistry between Jordan and Lexie was undeniable, but they both didn't seem to want to admit it to the other. I loved the tension between these two and I was hoping that they'd both get past their hang-ups and admit there were sparks flying between them whenever they were near each other. The storyline was thoroughly entertaining and I lost track of the time because I was so engrossed in the story. I also don't want to forget to mention just how much fun the cougar named Sass was along with her sidekick Rocky, the raccoon. I loved how these two animals added something special to the storyline as a whole and I thought it was hysterical how Jordan was petrified of these two buddies when he first interacted with them. I would highly recommend this story, along with the others in the Colorado Trust series! Keep the stories coming, Ms. Netzel!

Book Blurb for Shadowed Trust

Ad-Man Jordan Blake believed image was everything—until his parents were convicted of murder, the family company went bankrupt, and his excessive drinking and arrest fueled the tabloids. When lawyer David Barnes offers representation in exchange for assistance in reopening his Colorado mountain resort, Jordan has no choice. It’s help or jail.

Hollywood wild child Lexie Sinclair disappeared by changing her name, joining the army, and marrying a soldier. One night, her husband wrapped their car around a tree, killed himself, and left her permanently injured. For the past few years she’s been content to live in peaceful obscurity as caretaker of David’s defunct resort.

Jordan’s arrival exposes Lexie’s true identity and brings her dead husband’s ‘friends’ calling. Jordan offers to help, but the shadow of his drinking leaves Lexie reluctant to trust. Can they conquer their fears and find the courage to face the criminals—and the world—together? 

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 5.00