Seasons Of Love

In Spring Fling by Sherry Derr-Wille, Spring Morrison’s mother asks her what she’d like in her Easter basket since Easter is only two weeks away. Although Spring is an adult with two children of her own, it doesn’t stop her mom from giving everyone a filled basket on Easter morning. Spring feels that she’s too old to still be getting one so she jokingly tells her mom that she wants a man in her basket. Little does she know that she should be careful what she wishes for because she just may get her wish fulfilled. On Easter Day, with an invite from her mother, Wade Parker comes to Spring’s house dressed in the strangest Easter attire and explains that he’s the man who’s going to fill her basket.

Summer Woods has to go into the Witness Protection program and assume a new identity because her ex-boyfriend Mike, who is a dirty cop in her former hometown, has tried killing her all due to the fact that she’s stumbled upon his dark secret in Summer’s Challenge by Luanne Rugh. Little does she know that when she moves to the new town of Aspen Grove, Colorado the very person who becomes interested in getting to know her better is also a cop. She’s fearful that they’re all the same and thinks she should stay away. But Nathan Lockhart has become determined to find out exactly why Summer is so hesitant to get involved with him.

In Autumn’s Blessing by Christie Shary, Deidre McBride is faced with the terrible grief of trying to deal with the loss of her husband due to him losing his life while serving in Iraq. It’s only been three months since she’s buried him and she has no family around her so she has to take care of herself through her pregnancy. She’s fearful that she won’t be able to make it through without his love and support while she faces having their only child by herself. Luckily though she makes friends with a doctor who is taking care of her during her pregnancy and something seems to bud between them. Dr Jeremy Saunders can’t help the feelings he’s experiencing around Deidre and will do anything to help her get through her pregnancy as healthy and happy as she can be.

Dan Jensen’s life it not what he thought it would be in Winter’s Song by Lorna Collins. Now divorced and having to share custody with his drug and alcohol addicted ex-wife, Dan would do anything to gain sole custody of his precious daughters. The only one true fulfillment he has is his daughters at this point in time. Having a personal life just never crossed his mind or even presented itself to him. That is until the very day he decides to attend Sunday church service after being away from the church for so many years. While chatting after mass with one of the fellow congregants that he’s looking for a piano teacher for his daughters, he’s introduced to Amy Roberts and from that moment on his life is changed forever.

I really enjoyed these four stories and loved getting to know all the characters. The authors wrote stories that would melt anyone’s heart while we personally got to know all their main characters. I’m so happy that the stories were written in a way in which we watched the characters grow and learn how to be better people in the end. Overall this was a nice anthology to lose yourself in for a few hours while being entertained by some very talented authors.

Book Blurb for Seasons Of Love

"Spring's Fling" by Sherry Derr-Wille:
When Spring Morrison asks the Easter Bunny for a perfect man, she has no idea that her mother will use the opportunity to play matchmaker with Wade Parker. Does mother know best?

"Summer's Challenge" by Luanna Rugh:
Summer Woods is starting a new life with a new identity. Can Officer Nathan Lockhart protect her from her past while he-s falling in love with her?

"Autumn's Blessing" by Christie Shary:
Young and pregnant widow Deidre feels her life is over until she becomes the patient of Dr. Jeremy Saunders. Can he help her let go of the hurts and burdens that weigh her down and embrace life again?

"Winter Song" by Lorna Collins:
To Dan Jensen, life seems hopeless. But when he gets railroaded into performing in a Christmas musical, a lovely young woman named Amy Roberts provides more than musical assistance. She brings hope and the promise of a new life.

Genre: Romance

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 3.50