Saving Forever, Part 1

Charity Thompson wants to make a difference in the world, so she decides to not finish medical school so she can help raise money for hospitals that are in need. Whatever they need- whether a new wing, new equipment or something completely different- Charity is the perfect person to hire to help achieve their needs. But even though she loves what she does and will help any hospital in need, the one hospital she tries to stay away from is the one her father works in. Unfortunately, that seems impossible to do because he hires his daughter to throw his sixty-fifth birthday gala for him. While working her new assignment of planning this birthday gala, she gets to know a gorgeous doctor by the name of Elijah Bennet- the well-known playboy chief of the hospital. Do they act upon the attraction that they feel for each other? Can she finally prove to her father that she’s more than just a medical school dropout?

This is my first Lexy Timms book that I’ve read and I can say that she definitely has a writing style that makes you see and feel everything as if you’re another character in the story. To me, beside the attraction Charity felt for Elijah, the tension between her and her father made this story move along at a nice pace. I wanted Charity to be able to throw a successful gala to prove to her father that she was good at the job she chose for herself and that she wasn’t just a medical school dropout. I thought there was great chemistry between Charity and Elijah and it helped build up what was developing between them. Since this is only Part 1, I’m looking forward to seeing where the author takes the next part of the story. I’m so glad I looked into reviewing this book.

Book Blurb for Saving Forever, Part 1

Charity Thompson wants to save the world, one hospital at a time. Instead of finishing med school to become a doctor, she chooses a different path and raises money for hospitals – new wings, equipment, whatever they need. Except there is one hospital she would be happy to never set foot in again--her fathers. So of course he hires her to create a gala for his sixty-fifth birthday. Charity can’t say no. Now she is working in the one place she doesn’t want to be. Except she’s attracted to Dr. Elijah Bennet, the handsome playboy chief.

Will she ever prove to her father that’s she’s more than a med school dropout? Or will her attraction to Elijah keep her from repairing the one thing she desperately wants to fix?

* This is Part 1 of a three book series *

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00