Savannah's Ghost Tale

1 Night Stand Series

I’ve read a few of the books in the 1 Night Stand series and I have to say that I’ve enjoyed the series overall. In this story, we’re introduced to Savannah “Vannah” Teale and her sister Stacia. Because it’s been three years since Vannah lost the love of her life, Mark, her sister feels it is time for Vannah to move on with her life and in order to get the ball rolling Stacia takes her sister on a relaxing vacation to Savannah, Georgia. Part of their fun-filled trip is to go on a ghost walk. You see, to anyone else, that might sound like a fun thing to do, but for Vannah, being that she’s an unorthodox Ghost Hunter always trying to dispel that ghosts exist, she comes armed with a bag of ghost seeking equipment that she plans on using during the tour. Stacia can’t believe that Vannah just can’t be laid back enough to have some fun without trying to disprove that ghosts don’t exist on this Georgian tour. I have to be honest, I never really felt connected to Vannah from the start. I felt that she was so wound tight with always trying to prove something that she was actually preventing herself from moving on with her life. When we first met the ghost walk tour guide, Cameron Evans, I really liked him from the start. Ironically, besides him being a historian, he was a psychic as well, so he was the perfect match for Vannah. I wasn’t certain how Vannah and Cameron were going to mesh with each other, but the author pulled it off in her storyline. Overall, this was a good story for me and I look forward to reading more in the 1 Night Stand series.

Stacia feels it’s time for her sister Vannah to move on so she decides to take her on a relaxing vacation to Savannah, Georgia. One of the tourist things they plan on doing is going on a ghost tour at night. Stacia is looking forward to having some fun during the tour, while Vannah plans on dismissing any signs of ghosts by using her handy bag of ghost busting equipment. When they are introduced to the ghost tour guide, little do they know that Cameron is a psychic. The question remains does Vannah succeed in dispelling that there aren’t any ghosts on this ghost tour? Do Vannah and Cameron get past their differences enough to start something together?

Book Blurb for Savannah's Ghost Tale

Savannah Teale has an obsession with the supernatural--to disprove it. An unorthodox Ghost Hunter with a dark secret, she doesn't believe in life after death. Not anymore. Being romantically challenged since the traumatic death of her fiancé, she has no interest in dating, but her sister's loving interference has led her to accept a date for a 1Night Stand.

Cameron Evans is one of Savannah's most handsome, charismatic, and sexy bachelors. He's an exceptionally gifted tour guide, and a psychic, but hasn't learned how to turn off his gifts. Since his conversations with the dead are a turn-off for most women--to put it mildly--Cameron has turned to Madame Eve to find a woman who can accept him for himself and all he has to give.

They may be a great match--if a certain, lingering ghost would just step out of the picture.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 3.00