Santa's Cookie Elf

In this adorable Christmas tale, we’re introduced to Santa’s Cookie Elf. This elf has been given a special job by Santa himself in which he is to help Santa eat every cookie that boys and girls leave on Christmas Eve. If Santa gets full, the Cookie Elf helps eat the rest of the cookies as not to be impolite by leaving any of them not eaten. This little elf has a magical tummy that allows him to eat an endless amount of cookies without getting full. Santa’s Cookie Elf definitely has one special job!

I loved the idea of the special Cookie Elf helping Santa eat all the cookies left for him on Christmas Eve. With all the other elves helping to build the children’s toys and the reindeer helping to fly Santa’s sleigh, it seemed like everyone at the North Pole had a special job to do every festive, magical season and that included Santa’s Cookie Elf. This is a wonderful story, with fantastic illustrations throughout the book, in which you can read to your children during the Christmas season, or for that matter, any season during the year. Children, and adults alike, will fall in love with Santa’s special elf. I wouldn’t even be surprised if children, while trying to catch a glimpse of Santa, also try to get a small glimpse of the Cookie Elf. As an added bonus, the author has included a few cookie recipes in the back of the book for boys and girls to try with their families. This is one holiday story the whole family can enjoy!

Book Blurb for Santa's Cookie Elf

Christmas is a magical time of the year. Santa's toy factory builds a lot of toys for children all over the world. His flying reindeer help him deliver all those toys in one night and at every house the kids leave Santa their favorite cookies. Now if Elves help build the toys, and flying reindeer get Santa to every house in one night, ever wonder if someone helps him eat all those cookies?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.50