Rising Above

Still Waters Part Two

In this second part to the Still Waters storyline, Ms. Netzel outdid herself. From the very first word, I was already prepared for the roller coaster ride I knew she was going to take me on because I read and loved the first book in this series, Beneath Still Waters, and I went through plenty of twists and turns reading that one. Each character, whether primary or secondary, was believable and played their part in this story. I loved getting to see the journey Ryan and Ali took and I couldn’t wait to see how Ms. Netzel was going to tie everything up for her readers in her second book. She’s a masterful storyteller that knows how to pull her readers in and keep them on the edge of their seats while they frantically turn the pages to see what happens next. This story was so engrossing that I actually stayed up late so I could finish it. This is one author you should definitely look into and this is another of her stories that I highly recommend!

Ryan James isn’t a believer of such paranormal things like ghosts, legends or reincarnations, but once he realizes that he and his friend Ali Whitman are different from their other friends, he has no choice but to start believing. Problem is Ali is a firm non-believer and Ryan needs to do whatever it takes to make her believe that they both had past lives together. Does Ali eventually start believing that they’ve both been reincarnated? How does he try convincing her that it’s true? Is he able to convince her before it’s too late?

Book Blurb for Rising Above

Imagine you’ve lived before, but don’t remember or believe it’s even possible. Therein lies the danger. For in not believing and learning from your pasts, the power shifts to the one who would see you dead. Again.

Ryan James never gave much thought to ghosts or the idea of reincarnation—until the appearance of the beautiful Ali Whitman triggers terrifying visions that feel like real life. As he pieces together their past lives, he discovers they aren’t the only players. Worse, if he can’t convince Ali to believe before their past adversary makes the next move, he’ll lose her all over again.

Author’s note: Beneath Still Waters (Part One) is available as part of the highly-acclaimed TALES FROM THE MIST anthology. While not absolutely essential, it is recommended to read Part One first in order to get the overall scope of the story.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 5.00