Realms of Darkness

This is another fantastic short book that showcases Ms. James’ talent for writing horror stories. This book contained four really short stories that each packed its own punch for her fans to enjoy. In The Lamp, we’re told the story of how Sandra Stevens has her girlfriend over and they wait until everyone goes to bed so they can play around with the Ouija board her friend brought over with her. What happens next will have your heart jumping out of your chest. In the next story, The Late Shift, we learn how there’s a serial killer on the loose targeting teenagers. The only problem is the killer is closer than you think. The Hitch, the third story in this collection, we find a gentleman by the name of Jack offering a young teenager a ride home because it’s late at night and there’s a serial killer on the loose. One has to wonder if this teenager is safe to accept this ride from a complete stranger. Lastly, in The Furnace, Karen Greene answers the knocking at the door at 7:30 in the morning to be greeted by the furnace repairman she didn’t call, but seems to be extremely pushy to fix the furnace.

Each one of Ms. James’ tales weaves a tangled web for her readers to get ensnarled into and before you can free yourself, it’s too late. As you turn each page, you can’t help but become more engrossed into the characters and storyline. Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, the author quickly pulled the rug out from under my feet and had me frantically trying to catch my breath again. If you’re a lover of short horror stories that make your skin tingle and your heart pound in your chest, than look no further. Ms. James is definitely an author to look into. This is yet another book that I highly recommend by this author.

In this collection of four short stories we are introduced to characters that really make you question your sanity. In The Lamp, two teenage girls get a bit carried away wanting to learn how to use the Ouija board for the first time so they can contact the dead. Who do they make contact with and what happens once they do? In the next story, The Late Shift, all seems fine until Sheila, a local waitress, leaves work and heads home. Accepting a ride from a customer she knows doesn’t turn out to be the smartest decision she makes. What happens on the drive to her house? Being a fourteen year old girl wandering the streets at night by yourself isn’t the safest thing to do in the third story, The Hitch. But compassionate Jack decides to offer Julia a ride to wherever she’s heading because there’s a killer prowling the streets. This ride doesn’t turn out how either of them planned. What happens after Jack picks up Julia? In the final story, The Furnace, Karen has a furnace repairman insisting he received a service call earlier that morning to fix her furnace, but she didn’t place the service call to begin with. Oddly enough, the repairman is very insistent and won’t take no for an answer. What happens when she lets him in?

Book Blurb for Realms of Darkness

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be murder.

The Lamp - Don't play games in the dead of night where shadows dwell.

The Late Shift - By the time you finish reading this, it's already too late.

The Hitch - Don't go looking for might not like what you find.                                                        The Furnace - Once you open that door there's no going back.    In the Realms of one is safe.

*** Warning! This collections contains gory violence. ***

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 5.00