Real Men Wear Plaid!

Harlequin Blaze, #615 - Encounters

In Ms. Nelson's three stories, we are introduced to the three Scottish brothers, Ewan, Cam and Alec MacKinnon.

In The Wanderer, Ewan meets beautiful Gemma during a hiking trip through Scotland and they are both smitten with each other enough so that they engage in some wild and fun sex along their hiking trail.

Cam can't help but fall head over heels for Summer when he sees her at the murder mystery party being hosted in his gorgeous castle in the next story, The Warrior.

Finally, in The Wayfarer, Alec is an honest and noble man who just can't keep his friend's daughter, Isla, off his mind.

Can these three Scots be on a path to finding eternal bliss with the woman each of them have found and who have shown them that love may be in closer reach than they all first imagined?

I really enjoyed this mini anthology by Ms. Nelson and I couldn't help but fall in love with the MacKinnon men myself. I hoped that each brother would come to understand that he had found a gem in each woman and that the brothers would realize just how special these women were before it was too late. I felt that each woman completed the brother they had met. You can't go wrong picking this one up and getting lost for a few hours with these sexy MacKinnon men!

Book Blurb for Real Men Wear Plaid!

These Highland hotties are about to meet their match!

The Wanderer

Sexy Ewan MacKinnon meets fellow soul-searcher Gemma on a hiking trek through Scotland. They have wildly creative sex along the way, leaving them both with delicious memories of their journey. But at the trail's end, will their adventure be over, too?

The Warrior

Proud Cam MacKinnon is king of his castle. And he has a castle. Really. But he gives up all semblance of control when Summer shows up for a murder mystery party. Because he has to have her. And one weekend of uninhibited sex should be plenty…shouldn't it?

The Wayfarer

Heart-stoppingly hot Alec MacKinnon is honorable to a fault. So he shouldn't sleep with his friend's gorgeous daughter, Isla, right? But when Isla falls into his arms, what's he to do? After all, aren't some things just meant to be?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50