Rainbow Hearts and Puppy Tales

I really enjoyed reading this e-book and felt that Ms. Bella wrote each and every story with such heartfelt emotion. I liked that it was based on different pets that her and her family owned at one time or another. The reader can clearly feel the love and admiration the author had for every animal and they can relate to their own experiences as being a pet owner too. It was easy for me to smile during the happy parts of each story and it was just as easy for my eyes to fill up with tears when it came time for her and her family to say their last farewells to their four-legged family member. If you love reading animal tales and you’re in the market to read a new heartwarming pet book, than look no further.

Book Blurb for Rainbow Hearts and Puppy Tales

True stories of my animal friends beginning with a special horse named Tosha and ending with a gifted Bichon who touched all who knew him. I have shared the joy, the laughter and the tears along with the ups and downs of my many experiences with my animal friends and the unique communication I have had with each one.

If you have lost a pet or are facing the loss of your special friend, I hope you find comfort in my stories.

For those still blessed with the companionship of their loving pets, my stories will hopefully deepen your love and appreciation of the gift you’ve been given.

I tell them with honesty, humor and a soft touch even in those saddest moments.

You will laugh and cry as you share my journey but most of all you’ll want to hold your own pet close and give them hugs as you read.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00