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Test Yourself with More Than 80 Quizzes, Puzzles and Experiments for Everyday Life

Mr. Ambridge presents this lighthearted book to readers who would like to take quizzes and do some interactive exercises based upon psychological scenarios. Since psychology is the study of the mind and behavior, he presents a plethora of quizzes, jokes and exercises to entertain adult readers. The author urges us to not only take the quizzes ourselves, but also to share them with our friends and family so we can compare answers.

When I first chose to review this book, I was excited to review a book of quizzes and interactive exercises. I honestly couldn’t wait to start reading it. Once I did start though, it wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be. Granted some of the quizzes were fun, but the majority I found myself skipping through because they just didn’t hold my interest long enough to want to obtain my results. Overall, if you like psychological games and puzzles, than you might want to pick this one up for yourself.

Book Blurb for Psy-Q

Psychology 101 as you wish it were taught: a collection of entertaining experiments, quizzes, jokes, and interactive exercises

Psychology is the study of mind and behavior: how and why people do absolutely everything that people do, from the most life-changing event such as choosing a partner, to the most humdrum, such as having an extra donut. Ben Ambridge takes these findings and invites the reader to test their knowledge of themselves, their friends, and their families through quizzes, jokes, and games. You’ll measure your personality, intelligence, moral values, skill at drawing, capacity for logical reasoning, and more?all of it adding up to a greater knowledge of yourself, a higher ?Psy-Q”.    

Lighthearted, fun, and accessible, this is the perfect introduction to psychology that can be fully enjoyed and appreciated by readers of all ages.

Take Dr. Ben’s quizzes to learn:

- If listening to Mozart makes you smarter

- Whether or not your boss is a psychopath

- How good you are at waiting for a reward (and why it matters)

- Why we find symmetrical faces more attractive

- What your taste in art says about you

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 3.00