Primal Calling

Harlequin Blaze #602

Serena Sandstone, a TV program host for Travel in Style, has been in Anchorage, Alaska the past three weeks covering the Iditarod for her show. Although she’s been doing this program for five years, she originally planned that it would only be the stepping stone for her until she moved onto some serious journalism. But it seems every time she presents her producer an interesting subject that she wants to research and cover herself, Roberta takes it and assigns it to other journalists. Serena makes certain that this won’t happen again.

As she’s sitting in the airport with her bags already checked in, she sees a yellow prop plane pull up to the hanger and a dog jumps out of the plane followed by a sexy, scruffy bush pilot. Now her curiosity starts running wild. Asking who the man is from one of the airport attendants, she finds out that he’s thirty-two year-old bush pilot Max Taggert and he’s on one of his monthly runs coming from Barrow, where he lives. The attendant explains further that there are many rumors wrapped around Max and because of this he keeps to himself. Now, more than anything, Serena thinks she just may have the next story on her hands. She wants to find out everything there is to know about this sexy man and just how much truth there is to all the rumors he’s caused.

How does Serena go about getting close to Max? Does he allow her to get close enough to him to find out what all the rumors are about? What is it about this man that makes Serena’s heart pound in her chest and makes her go to extremes to find out his story?

I enjoyed this story and liked getting to know who Max was and why he lived a very solitary life with only his faithful buddy, Mickey his dog, at his side. I thought the way Serena went about getting her story was a bit extreme for my taste, but it definitely allowed for an entertaining storyline to play out for me. If you’re looking for a story that will keep you guessing what will happen next while getting to know who this sexy and quiet bush pilot was, than you have found the perfect book to get lost in for a few hours.        

Book Blurb for Primal Calling

Television-program host Serena Sandstone already has her bags checked for her flight out of Anchorage when she sees the "White Wolf"-and his animal attraction is overpowering..

Serena attributes her intense interest in sexy, scruffy bush pilot Max Taggert to journalistic instincts about his shadowy past. Right. She's prepared to go pretty far to get his story- and he's prepared to let her. Before long, they're feeling the heat in the Land of the Midnight Sun, until Max's past triggers a fight for survival neither of them ever expected!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 3.50