Powdered Peril

Donut Shop Mysteries

This is Ms. Beck’s eighth cozy mystery novel and I just can’t get enough of this delicious donut series. I’ve read the entire series to date and the books just keep getting more enjoyable. The characters feel like family and it’s so easy to get wrapped up into every storyline the author creates. This is one series I just can’t get enough of. Keep in mind, there’s no need to worry that you haven’t read the series from the start. Each book is a stand-alone story, but to enjoy the series completely I think you’d love it even more if you read it in order. I highly recommend this book, along with the entire Donut Shop Mystery series. Don’t pass this one up!

Suzanne Hart is trying to solve another murder mystery in her beloved town of April Springs. This time, the death of Peter Morgan, her best friend Grace’s boyfriend, is just a little too close for comfort for everyone.

When Grace finds out that Peter has been cheating on her, she becomes livid and kicks him to the curb. Having to deal with that kind of heartache is hard on anyone, but it becomes an even harder burden when she finds out that hours later, Peter has been found murdered.

On a mission to clear Grace’s name, Suzanne sets out on her own investigation to find Peter’s killer. She’ll stop at nothing to get the answers she’s looking for and she has no problem stepping on some toes along the way. If it clears Grace’s name of being a suspect, then so be it.

Book Blurb for Powdered Peril

It’s hard to keep a secret in April Springs—especially when it involves a no-good cheater like Peter Morgan. Donut shop owner Suzanne Hart has tried to be civil with the guy, since he’s dating her best friend Grace. But when Grace shows up at her doorstep—sobbing—Suzanne’s the first to admit she’s glad the relationship is over. She’s also the first to spot the footprints leading to Peter’s dead body…

Instead of the usual morning donuts, the police are busy rounding up suspects and sifting through clues: Why did Peter splash yellow paint on Suzanne’s shop window before he was murdered? How angry was Grace when she learned that her boyfriend was two-timing (or three- or four-timing)? Suzanne is willing to bet dollars to donuts that her friend is innocent. Now she has to prove it—before the real killer takes a powder…

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 5.00