Playing the Fool

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Playing the Fool

Summer Beach Vets, #4 / Escape Down Under

After Charlie, the youngest vet at Summer Beach Veterinary Hospital, has a horrific day and misdiagnoses a dog, all she wants to do is end her shift and go home. But an emergency case walks in and needs a vet immediately. When she hears that a baby koala is injured and she’s told it was possibly done by a dog, she loses her temper. Too many cases of koala abuse have happened all because of dog owner negligence. She’s prepared to put this person in their place, but when she enters the exam room she’s beside herself. She just can’t believe that it’s none other than Todd Novak, her childhood crush. Considering she had a very bad experience with Todd many years ago, she’ll stop at nothing to put him in his place now. But once she finds out the truth about a few things, is she willing to give Todd a second chance?

I loved this fourth and last book of the Summer Beach Vet Series! As always, the characters were so likeable and the storyline was extremely believable. I felt so bad for Charlie with what Todd did to her many years ago. I wanted her to finally get an apology from him and have him explain himself to her. I loved seeing that there was still a spark between them and I had hoped that they could put the past in the past and move onto possibly starting fresh with each other now. I thought they would make a perfect couple together and no matter what, I wanted them to work through the hurt from years prior. I absolutely love this series and I’m heartbroken to see it come to an end. One good thing I just learned is that Ms. Hanna is working on a spinoff series called Summer Beach Brides. I can’t wait to read that series and revisit all the characters from Summer Beach. I highly recommend this book and every book in this series. This is one author to add to your auto-buy list. Well done, Ms. Hanna!

Book Blurb for Playing the Fool

escape Down Under... and find love in Summer Beach, where cold noses touch warm hearts!

Charlie is the youngest vet at a busy animal hospital and passionate about her work. She's horrified when an injured baby koala is brought in - and even more horrified when she recognises the handsome stranger who rescued it as her first love. Todd Novak broke her heart once and there's no way she's letting him get under her defences again!

Todd can't believe that his friend's little sister has grown up into such a beauty. As a dotcom billionaire, he's used to getting what he wants and suddenly, all he wants is the key to Charlie's heart. But with his playboy reputation and her bitter memories, can he ever convince Charlie to give him a second chance?

Stands Alone: Yes

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 5.00