Pearls for Christmas

Michael and Lisa have been friends for years and they decide to take their relationship to the next level. They both love each other a great deal, but it seems that Lisa wishes Michael wouldn’t always be so predictably safe and reserved when it comes to their lovemaking. She’d love for him to step out of the box and be more dominate in the bedroom.

One night while Lisa is away visiting family, she and Michael decide to have some fun by having phone sex together. Just as things are about to get hot and intense, Lisa blurts out an ex-boyfriend’s name. Michael is terribly hurt and he questions Lisa’s true feelings for him. But once these two lovebirds get a few moments together again, it seems the sparks have only intensified between them now. Michael will do anything for Lisa to make certain he’s the only man she’ll ever want.

What does Lisa now think of this more dominant side Michael is showing her during their lovemaking?

I really enjoyed this short holiday read and was happy that Michael and Lisa were able to work through the bump in the road they experienced together. I couldn’t believe that Lisa was so absentminded as to actually call out Keith’s name during her and Michael’s sizzling hot phone sex session. I honestly wouldn’t have blamed Michael if he wanted to end things there, but I was happily surprised that he used Lisa’s slip of the tongue to ignite more passion in their relationship together. This was an awesome story with great characters and it’s definitely worth looking into.

Book Blurb for Pearls for Christmas

Based on a long friendship, Michael and Lisa's relationship is grounded on trust and deep affection but also strained by predictability. Lisa would like to spice things up in the bedroom, and she fantasizes of bringing out Michael's dominant side. Apart from that, however, she can't complain; he is a gentle, patient lover until one day, during a passionate session of phone sex, she may have inadvertently ruined their relationship. On a heated New Year's Eve night, can Michael, stung by jealousy, show his girlfriend he is more than capable of fulfilling her hidden desires?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00