Passing Whispers

 Kate Sorra is consumed with such grief and anger as she’s trying to get through her days since her husband’s death one year ago. You see her husband, Detective Endel Sorra, stopped at the local convenience store just before going home after his shift that fateful night. He was happy that he just purchased his wife’s Christmas gift, a 12 day cruise to Italy, Greece, Turkey and Egypt. Nothing seemed to take the spring out of his step and he couldn’t wait to get home to give Kate the gift early to allow her the necessary time to rearrange her work schedule. Little did he know that very same evening he would never make it home. When he made that quick stop at the convenience store, a robber was already holding up the place. Unbeknownst to Endel, he walked in right while it was happening and the robber turned and shot him dead.

One year later, Kate is having the most difficult time dealing with her life without her husband. She stumbles upon the snow globe that Endel gave her for their first Christmas and she has the sudden urge to smash it against the nearest wall. But little does she know that her life right now is about to start changing before her.

What happens to her that stops her from smashing the snow globe? Is she finally able to move on with her life? Who is the person that has the biggest impact in helping her deal with her grief and pain?

I have to say that although this is a tear-jerker in the beginning, Ms. Vance surely knows how to make us go full circle with our emotions while reading her story. I found myself hating the fact that Endel went out of his way to get his wife the perfect Christmas gift only to lose his life the night he pays for the trip and is about to give Kate the surprise of her life. I was extremely angry with the robber and I felt that his final actions were fitting to the story’s plot. This is one story that will have you feeling a variety of emotions by the time you finish it. If you’re looking for a story in which you become so engrossed you feel that you’re another character in this story, then look no further. Nice job, Ms. Vance!

Book Blurb for Passing Whispers

When Detective Endel Sorra is killed during a robbery two weeks before Christmas the lives of his family are shattered. His wife Kate, bitter, angry and full of hatred, blames herself for his tragic death. Hector Ramos, the store clerk who was also shot in the robbery, will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. The teenage shooter, Jake Conway, overcome with guilt for his crime, commits suicide and leaves behind his girlfriend Jenna, who is seven months pregnant. After she dies of a heroin overdose, the baby is left to be raised by Jake's mother, a foul, uncaring drunk who keeps him solely for the extra cash she gets in her monthly welfare check. Having lost their only child, Endel's parents have no possibility of ever becoming grandparents.

It will take nothing less than a miracle to repair these broken lives. When Kate Sorra comes across the Snow Globe that her husband had given to her the first Christmas they were married, she gets that miracle. But will it happen in time to save them all?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.00