Out of Warranty

I really enjoyed this satirical novel and applaud Ms. Smith in how she wrote this true-to-life story. Cassie Jones is a fifty-five year old woman who not only recently lost the love of her life, but also she’s afflicted with health issues that no doctor seems to be able to diagnose. After twenty-four surgeries and four joint replacements, she finally finds the one and only doctor who can diagnose her problem. While at her appointment at Dr. Patel’s Fungal Institute office, he finds out what has been causing her serious health issues for years. He discovers that not only does she suffer from a rare genetic form of arthritis, but also she’s extremely allergic to mold, yeast and fungus. Luckily, she’s told that her condition is treatable, but not curable and she must start very costly treatments and medicines that her health insurance refuses to pay for. Through many twists and turns, Cassie strikes up a friendship with a fellow patient at the Fungal Institute named Jack Wilson. They are complete opposites in every way possible and they really don’t like each other very much. But since they both are in a serious bind with their health, Jack comes up with a crazy plan that just might help the both of them in their current dilemmas. I highly recommend this laugh-out-loud novel and eagerly look forward to reading more by Ms. Smith in the near future.

Cassie Jones is fed up with her current health and life situation. Dealing with the loss of her beloved husband is enough to eat away at her, but to add insult to injury she’s in poor health to boot. After many doctor visits and no true medical diagnosis, Cassie is tired and defeated. Luckily, she makes an appointment with Dr. Patel and he finds out exactly what has been ailing her for years. Although that sounds like positive news, once she finds out that her rare genetic disease won’t be covered by her health insurance, she realizes she has to try to find an alternative so she can receive her costly treatments and medicines. Nothing comes easy for her along her sad, but often times hysterical journey within her healthcare system. What resolution does Cassie come up with to help her in her stressful situation? Does the plan work out for her in the end?

Book Blurb for Out of Warranty

If you’ve ever struggled with a health insurance claim, you’ll love Haywood Smith’s witty send-up of the health insurance industry, the drug companies, the medical profession, and falling apart ten years before Medicare. From the beloved author of The Red Hat Club and Wife-in-Law, Out of Warranty is a witty story of two lonely misfits who find exactly what they need in the most unlikely of situations, with a bonus of humor and heart.

“If you have anything weird wrong with you in this country, you’d better be Canadian.” 

So says widowed Cassie Jones when, after being written off by countless doctors, she finally finds one who diagnoses her with a rare genetic form of arthritis. The condition is manageable, but not curable, and a new diagnosis, so her health insurance refuses to pay for most of her expensive medications and treatment. So widowed Cassie, still grieving for the love of her life and facing destitution because of her medical bills, decides she has to remarry for better health coverage. Enter one-legged hermit and curmudgeon Jack Wilson, on the same appointment schedule at their specialist’s, who’s rude and obnoxious, but eventually tries to help by setting up e-dating for Cassie. After a hilarious round of fix-ups and e-dating, Cassie’s left with no hope and no prospects. 

That’s when Jack offers a strictly business marriage that could solve both their problems, with a serious set of house rules, including separate bedrooms. How well it will work remains to be seen.

With her trademark humor and sass, Haywood brings these two characters to life in an unlikely grown-up relationship that transcends their medical problems and will leave readers smiling long after the last page is turned.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 5.00