One Hot Australian Night

1 Night Stand Series

Zalia hasn't had the best of luck in the love department. She's only had two relationships and both men cheated on her causing her to become mistrusting of men altogether. Who could blame her for feeling that way when her ex-fianc‚ decided to breakup with her on Valentine's Day three years ago and then proceeded to throw her out of the house they both lived in? So having a relationship seems to be the very last thing on her to-do list.

Her best friend, Kara, just doesn't seem to understand that and tries everything in her means to convince Zalia to take another shot at love. So Kara gives her best friend the information for a dating service run by Madame Evangeline, who seems to have an inept ability of pairing people very well and making lasting connections between her clients. Just to shut Kara up, Zalia takes the information and makes a promise that if Madame Evangeline finds her a mate she'll go on one date with him only. If there is no connection between them, Zalia is going to remove her profile from the dating site and Kara is not to say one more word about it. Kara agrees to the arrangement, but has a very good feeling that Zalia is finally going to find true love through the 1 Night Stand dating site.

After a month of waiting, Madame Evangeline finds a match for Zalia and initiates the first meeting. Zalia is worried about the date because she's never met anyone through a dating service before and she's never intentionally went on a date knowing that she was going to have sex with the person she was meeting for the first time. But she musters up her courage and heads to the hotel that Xavier has setup for them.

Xavier enters into this agreement with trepidations also because he hasn't dated anyone since his wife passed away two years ago. He loved his wife dearly and just couldn't seem to face dating anyone else since that fateful night when she was killed by a drunk driver. But Xavier's brother thinks it's time for him to join the living again and pushes him to take this first step again. But he's never slept with anyone on the first date and doesn't think that this is the best scenario to begin doing it either. That is until he meets Zalia and a passion stirs in him like never before. Maybe sleeping together on the first date isn't such a bad thing after all for the both of them.

How does the night turn out for Zalia and Xavier? Could something more come of this meeting than just a night of hot, unbridled love making?

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and felt the sex was scorching hot between Zalia and Xavier. I just hoped that they would decide to continue getting to know each other once this amazing night was over. This was a short story so finding the time to fit it into your busy schedule shouldn't be a problem. It's definitely worth adding it to your ever-growing library. Nice job, Ms. White!

Book Blurb for One Hot Australian Night

When it comes to love, Zalia is a cynic. After her last boyfriend cheated on and dumped her on Valentine's Day; who can blame her? But after three years of her friend's pestering, she's decided to get back in the dating game. She agrees to contact the reputable dating agency 1NightStand with the understanding that if it doesn't work, it's a sign she's destined to be single.

After a month of no luck, Madame Evangeline finds what she believes is Zalia's perfect match.

Xavier is a hot successful lawyer. Two years after his wife's sudden death he wants to find love again, but doesn't know how.

When they finally meet will sparks fly or will it be a failed attempt at happiness?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.50