Off Kilter

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Off Kilter

A Scottish Highlands Mystery, #1

Eden Elliott, a budding writer, has been through a lot lately. Between the loss of her mother and the dissolution of her marriage, she feels it’s time for a change in her life. Because of some coaxing by her best friend, Ami Pederson, who is also a bestselling author, Eden sets out on a journey to Scotland for a fresh perspective on not only her life, but also to help aid her in writing her first novel, that she’s contracted for. She never realizes that this trip might be the worst thing for her to take part in right now. Once she arrives in Glenkillen, her life goes into the worst tailspin ever. From being a suspect to a local townsman’s murder, to almost losing her own life, Eden regrets ever stepping foot on a plane in the first place. The question remains, will Eden be cleared of any wrongdoings the police accuse her of? While in Scotland, does she get to meet any prospective love interests?

I really enjoyed this first book in the Scottish Highlands Mystery Series. This is the very first novel I’ve read by this author, and rest assured, it won’t be my last. Right from the start I felt that if Eden was so reluctant to get on a plane to Scotland, maybe she should have listened to her gut instinct. It seemed that as soon as she stepped foot onto Scottish soil, her life went quickly out of control. I couldn’t believe the turn of events in this novel. Just as I was getting ready to name a murderer, something else catastrophic happened and everything went out of control once again. I loved the descriptions of the Scottish Highlands, and getting to know the natives was so much fun. Ms. Reed penned this book in such a way that I felt I was another character watching everything play out before my own eyes. I can’t wait to see where this series takes her readers. I highly recommend it and I’m eager to read book two in this fantastic series!

Book Blurb for Off Kilter

National bestselling author Hannah Reed brings mystery lovers the first in a brand-new series, in which a young writer finds herself swept up in a murder amidst the glens and lochs of the Scottish Highlands?

After the recent death of her mother and the dissolution of her marriage, thirty-something Eden Elliott is seriously in need of a fresh start. At the urging of her best friend, bestselling author Ami Pederson, Eden decides to embark on an open-ended trip to the picturesque village of Glenkillen in the Scottish Highlands, to do some hands-on research for a book of her own. But almost as soon as Eden arrives in the quaint town, she gets caught up in a very real drama?

The town’s sheep shearer is found murdered?clipped with his own shears?and the locals suspect Vicki MacBride, an outsider whose father’s recent death left her the surprise heir to his lucrative sheep farm. Eden refuses to believe the affable heiress is a murderer, but can she prove that someone is out to frame her new friend before she finds herself on the receiving end of more shear terror?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 5.00