No Time for Horses

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No Time for Horses

Shamrock Stables, #2

Vicky Mills just wants to be like every other sixteen year old. She wants to enjoy the things that come with being a teenager, but because of her situation at home, that can’t and won’t happen. You see, her parents have filed for a divorce. While her parents are busy taking care of things, they dump the responsibility of helping to look after her younger half-brothers and sisters all ranging from 18 months to 10 years old. Everything is on Vicky’s shoulders to make certain her siblings are tended to. Being a sophomore at Lincoln High, she has dreams of continuing her horse riding lessons because ultimately, she wants to be a horse trainer someday. No matter how she has to manage it, she wants to keep her goals and aspirations a priority. She won’t let her family dictate that she has to give up her dream of being a horse trainer to help raise her siblings. What is she going to do?

I really felt bad for Vicky because she was being put in a situation that really wasn’t fair to her. I understand that she should help out with her siblings from time to time, but her family shouldn’t have laid all the responsibility onto her shoulders alone. They had these children so no matter what their circumstance was now; they needed to find a means to raise them. That shouldn’t include having your sixteen-year-old daughter step in to be a parent to these kids. I wanted Vicky to keep to her riding lessons and keep her dream of being the best horse trainer around within reach. I didn’t want her to lose what her heart desired because her parents screwed up their marriage. Overall, this was an enjoyable story for me and I’m really liking this Shamrock Stables Series.

Book Blurb for No Time for Horses

Sixteen-year-old Vicky Miller feels overloaded since her parents filed for divorce. Her mother got the house and a new job. Her step-dad has the new car and a new girlfriend. Vicky has the five kids, her younger half-brothers and sisters who range from 18 months to 10 years old to look after and her own life now comes second to their needs and wants.

It’s been six months of house-cleaning, baby-sitting, cooking, non-stop laundry and Vicky is through waiting for her life to improve. She has plans for her sophomore year at Lincoln High and they don’t include being an unpaid servant. If it takes a constant battle to attend her riding classes and complete her internship at Shamrock Stable, she’s ready to fight for her goal to be the best natural horse trainer around.

Her parents may not have time for her to be with horses, but she has dreams no one can steal. Why should she give them away? But will keeping them mean she loses her family?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.00