No Room at the Inn

Jubilee Resort

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and felt the author did a fantastic job with her character and storyline development. I loved getting to know Greta Nole and I found myself hoping that she would get the head position at Jubilee Resort Hotel if Levi Industries, the buyout investing company, decided that they were going to refurbish the rundown establishment. This hotel was the exact place that had generations of her family working there throughout the years and it meant so much to Greta to carry on the tradition of running the hotel. While Owen Levi III was looking out one of his room windows, he saw Greta slip and hit her head in the snow and ice packed parking lot. When he saw that she didn’t get up, he raced out into the blizzard to offer some assistance. I knew immediately that I wanted to get to know him better and once I found out that he and Greta had a past together from years ago, it definitely caused me to want to see the outcome of the story even more so. I’m new to this author and I’d love to see what other stories she already has available. I highly recommend it!

Greta Nole is praying that she’ll get offered the head position of running Jubilee Resort Hotel that is now owned by Levi Industries. She knows the hotel is in grave disrepair, but she hopes the investing company will see that this hotel is the very place that not only has seen generations of her family working there, but also it’s a wonderful place that has brought warm memories to all that have passed through its doors over the years. Never does she imagine that her car will break down and she’ll have to trudge through a blizzard to get back to the safety of the hotel. Nor does she realize that she’s going to slip and fall and hit her head so hard she knocks herself unconscious. Luckily, Owen Levi witnesses this horrible accident and comes to her aid. Little does she know that this is the very Owen Levi that she’s met years ago. Is Greta okay once Owen gets her to the safety of the hotel? What happens when they realize they know each other? The ultimate question is does Levi Industries decide to refurbish the hotel or tear it down?

Book Blurb for No Room at the Inn

Greta Nole loved the old hotel more than any other place on earth. If the new owners close it down, she'd be out of a job and her beloved hotel would be gone forever. She'd do whatever she had to do to get the hotel in tiptop shape before the new owner arrived after Christmas. But first she had to survive Stormzilla, the nastiest snowstorm to hit southern Indiana in years.

Owen Levi III had no clue why his father would buy such a relic as the Jubilee--and then send Owen out there to check it out so close to Christmas. Had his dad finally lost his mind? The hotel was nothing more than an albatross around Levi Industries' neck and the only recommendation Owen could make was to tear it down! Quick. Owen's staring out the window, mentally going over what would need to be done to even get the hotel habitable when he sees an idiot woman walking through the storm. When she trips and hits her head Owen's outside to rescue her faster than he can think.

Greta and Owen have tangled over hotels before, and neither would ever admit defeat!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 5.00