Never the Same

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Never the Same

This is yet another story in which Ms. Craver shows us her talent for writing a compelling story that grabs hold of her readers and takes them on a journey. It's hard not to get so emotionally involved with her characters. This was a story that made me take a step back and reassess my own goals and priorities in life because just as Ms. Craver's characters, life can throw you a curveball and could change your life forever. It is stories like these that make you realize that it's wise to stop and smell the roses no matter how busy your life may be. We should all work toward fulfilling our hopes and dreams before one day it might be too late. This story is thoroughly entertaining and I found myself eager to find out how each character fared in the end. Well done, Ms. Craver. Keep the stories coming!

Book Blurb for Never the Same

A plane crash. Two women, strangers to each other, on the edge of dire decisions. And the changes survival makes in their lives—this is the heart of NEVER THE SAME.

Kim, a wife and mother, refuses to settle any more when it comes to love and marriage. Surviving the plane crash has cleared the fog in her head and the frustration in her life.

Tori has garnered a coveted soccer scholarship but her dreams are turning to dust—she’s discovered she’s pregnant. Before the crash her choice seemed obvious, but now, caught between her dad’s wishes and her baby’s daddy, Tori’s decision isn’t a “no-brainer” any more.

Life isn't always fair, but Kim and Tori have the chance of a lifetime...what will they do? What would you do?

NOTE: A few bedroom scenes exist between the married couple.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 5.00