My Last Blind Date

Better Date than Never series, Book #3

I really enjoyed this short story and felt the storyline was light and funny. I felt so bad that Rachel had three past disastrous blind dates and I really hoped that things were going to start turning around for her soon. I really liked Ellen and I hoped Rachel was willing to take one more chance on going on a blind date with the person her girlfriend picked out for her this time. I just couldn’t wait to see if Rachel would decide to go or not in the end. I’m new to this author and I’m definitely going to see what other stories she may already have available. If you’re looking for a fun, light read than look no further!

Thirty year old Rachel Price is dateless on Valentine’s Day and her girlfriend /co-worker feels so bad for her that she volunteers to set Rachel up on another blind date. Although that might sound really considerate of Ellen to go out of her way to find her friend a date, Rachel is dreading it because the last three blind dates Ellen set her up on turned out to be the biggest dating disasters of her life. So the nicest thing for Rachel to do is to turn down any dates Ellen might come up with.

Ironically, there’s a new guy that started working at their company two months ago and Rachel thinks he’s the friendliest guy out of all the guys they work with. She even thinks that Noah Peterson has the most gorgeous blue eyes she’s ever seen. Too bad Noah isn’t interested in Rachel as much as she is of him.

Being the friend that Ellen is, she’s not going to give up on Rachel. She’s sure that this guy she wants to set her up with will probably be the best date ever for Rachel, but her girlfriend has to trust her on this one.

Does Rachel give in and take Ellen up on her offer? If so, who is this guy that Ellen thinks Rachel will fall head over heels for? Does Rachel ever get a shot at going out with Noah?

Book Blurb for My Last Blind Date

My Last Blind Date is a contemporary romance short story:

It’s Valentine’s Day and Rachel Price has a choice: Stay home and watch TV with her loveable doggy or let her best friend, Ellen, set her up on a blind date. What to do….

Ellen says the guy is a “10,” but the last guy she set her up with was a “–5.” Rachel’s been flirting with coworker Noah Peterson and she’s hoping he’s noticed. Then, she finds out Noah has big plans. Even worse, he advises Rachel to go on the blind date!

Should she play it safe and spend the Hallmark holiday with her loyal pooch, Chester, or risk another dating disaster by trying yet again for love?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.00