My Gentle Barn

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My Gentle Barn

Creating a Sanctuary Where Animals Heal and Children Learn to Hope

When Founder Ellie Laks grew up wanting to be closer to animals than people, she never knew that years later she would have her own sanctuary named The Gentle Barn that provided animals a second chance at life. Through many twists and turns in life, Ellie didn’t have the easiest of lives. Because of the heartache she experienced, she formed a protective armor around her and only allowed animals into her heart. Now having The Gentle Barn, Ellie shows how the love of any animal is unconditional and very special indeed.

I loved this book because of the journey Ms. Laks took us on to see what lead her to opening a place like The Gentle Barn. I’ve been following her barn for a few years ever since I caught a segment with celebrity Ellen DeGeneres and I’m thrilled needy animals have a place they can call their forever home. If more people had the heart and drive that Ms. Laks did to open a place like The Gentle Barn, the world would be a better place for everyone. The stories were emotionally gripping and I honestly can’t wait to make a trip to see the amazing work of Ms. Laks and her crew firsthand. I highly recommend this touching story and hope that more people follow in her footsteps defending and nurturing defenseless animals. Well done, Ms. Laks and keep up the great work!

Book Blurb for My Gentle Barn

“My Gentle Barn is a wonderful book. You'll love Ellie Laks and the animals she rescued--and who rescued her back.” –Sy Montgomery, The Good Good Pig

Founder Ellie Laks started The Gentle Barn after adopting a sick goat from a run-down petting zoo in 1999. Some two hundred animals later (including chickens, horses, pigs, cows, rabbits, emus, and more), The Gentle Barn has become an extraordinary nonprofit that brings together a volunteer staff of community members and at-risk teens to rehabilitate abandoned and/or abused animals. As Ellie teaches the volunteers to care for the animals, they learn a new language of healing that works wonders on the humans as well.

My Gentle Barn weaves together the story of how the Barn came to be what it is today with Ellie's own journey. Filled with heartwarming animal stories and inspiring recoveries, My Gentle Barn is a feel-good account that will delight animal lovers and memoir readers alike.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 5.00