Mistletoe Fever

Piper Johnson has been burned in the past, but realizes that she can allow herself at least a few weeks of romantic bliss and then she’ll end things. So she decides to place an ad in the New York Times looking for a short term relationship and she hopes that she’ll find someone she can enjoy spending time with.

Alex Miller has been friends with Piper since day one and deep down he’s in love with her. Playing it safe as to not lose her friendship, he never told her how feels about her. Then Piper tells him about the ad she placed in the New York Times and he has the perfect idea. He will answer her ad and eventually tell her the truth about how he truly feels.

The question is how will Piper react to what Alex has to tell her? Could there be the remotest possibility that they would make the perfect couple?

I really enjoyed this storyline and it was fun seeing how Piper and Alex tiptoed around the fact that there were feelings going on between them. I thought placing the ad in the newspaper was a cute idea and what made it even better was that Alex wanted to respond to it. I thought they would make a great pair from the start and I couldn’t wait to see how Piper would react to what Alex had to say to her. This was definitely a great story to read any time of year and I would recommend it to other readers!

Book Blurb for Mistletoe Fever

Alex Miller has loved his quirky best friend since day one. Wanting more than friendship, he plans to respond to her ad and catch her attention. Will Alex's attempt to win Piper's heart lead her into his arms or backfire and destroy their friendship'

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00