Missing & Presumed Dead

A Psychic's Search for Justice

Gale St. John realized at a very young age that she was very different. She could see, hear and feel things it seemed others couldn’t. At first, she didn’t know what to make of all these strange occurrences, but over time she realized she had a psychic gift. As she got older, her abilities grew stronger and this eventually led her to becoming a psychic sleuth. From around the world, people would contact her and beg her assistance in finding their missing friends and relatives. She assisted them as best she could and because of her gifts, she has been able to solve many cases.

I was immediately drawn to the blurb of this book because I’m always interested in reading psychic related books. Although I’ve never heard of Ms. St. John before reading this story, I’m glad I decided to request it for review. I really enjoyed the background she offered her readers because it gave a clear view of what she had gone through from the early stages of being introduced to her special abilities, to her learning how to hone her skills as she got older. Her tone was very conversational and I felt as if she was sitting in front of me telling me her story firsthand. If you enjoy reading books wrapped around a psychic theme, than look no further. I personally feel this book is definitely worth looking into to.

Book Blurb for Missing & Presumed Dead

This fascinating look into the life and case studies of one of America’s most well-known psychic crime profilers offers readers a rare insider’s perspective on a dramatic world most people have only seen on television.

Psychic sleuth Gale St. John has helped find missing persons from Ohio to Kathmandu, with victims ranging from innocent young children to Mafia bosses. Gale reveals how she is able to tune in to a missing person, describing what she sees, hears, and feels whether the individual is alive or not. One woman’s spirit relayed information that saved her roommate’s life. Another spirit, whose physical remains Gale helped locate, now helps her with other cases. Some of these stories made national headlines, a few cases are still unsolved. Each extraordinary account sheds light on the mysterious world of the psychic detective.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50