Marrying Mallory

I have to say that although this is a shorter story, Ms. Craver did remarkably well presenting each character and their story with such flair and feeling. She was able to pour her characters' hearts out and hooked me into her story with such ease that I didn't immediately realize just how engrossed I was in the story and her characters until I turned the page and got deeper into the storyline. Without a doubt I couldn't wait to see how everything turned out in the end. Ms. Craver has a way of making her characters appear as normal everyday people dealing with everyday issues in life. It's so nice to read stories with believably real characters in them instead of characters that supposedly have all the answers to life's problems. This author definitely knows how to entertain her readers and she keeps us coming back for more!

Book Blurb for Marrying Mallory

Is Mallory Harrington jinxed because her name means luckless? Things have gone wrong for Mallory since she was a small child. All she ever wanted was to have a complete family and live happily ever after. It appears she has it all when she marries Toby Harrington and they have a son. Unfortunately, their marriage ends when Toby has an affair with his law partner. Divorced Mallory doesn’t want to date, so she isn’t happy when her girlfriends try to fix her up with a minister friend.

Mallory decides to do something for herself, and get the nose surgery that she's always wanted. What she doesn't expect is her instant attraction to her surgeon.

Sometimes faith is about accepting what can't be changed and grabbing what God offers her. Life must go on.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 5.00