Making & Using Caramel

In this cookbook, we learn the process of making and using homemade caramel. Mr. Collins gives us a list of not only the equipment needed, but also lists the ingredients that you should purchase to make any of the 23 recipes he included in this well written book. While listing the supplies that are needed for each recipe, the author also gives thoughtful reasoning behind why each piece of equipment or each ingredient is needed. This cookbook includes delicious sounding recipes that will satisfy any tastebuds.

Broken down into three sections of: Candies, Brittle and Toffee; Sweet and Savory Sauces and lastly Pies, Cakes and other Desserts, I found 5 recipes I'd love to immediately try once I compile everything together that I need. These recipes are: Chewy Caramels; Peanut Brittle; Caramel Sauce with Sea Salt; Caramel Apples and finally Candy Apples. If you love caramel and want to learn to make delicious homemade recipes with it, this is the perfect cookbook to add to your baking library.

Book Blurb for Making & Using Caramel

Techniques & Recipes for Candies & Other Sweet Goodies. A Storey BASICS® Title

Chef Bill Collins demonstrates all the techniques you need to make caramel candies, cookies, puddings, and more, using illustrated step-by-step instructions that ensure success every time. Includes safety guidelines, troubleshooting tips, and irresistible recipes!

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 5.00