Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts

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Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts

Thirty-nine year old Rachel isn't having the easiest of times in her life right now. Not only has she lost her job, but also she broke off with her boyfriend. On top of all this, she has just inherited her aunt's house in the suburbs and doesn't know what to do about it. When she arrives to assess everything, she sees that her aunt was running a dog rescue operation and it seems to have been bleeding her dry financially on the upkeep of the property and the animals. Rachel is in over her head at this point in her life and she really doesn't know what to do.

As she decides to stay on to take care of her aunt's affairs and sell the house, things don't go as planned for Rachel. What was only supposed to be a short time away has now turned into an indefinite stay in London. Not to mention, she's learning so much from the hired workers that helped her aunt run the dog rescue and she just can't help but notice how handsome the vet is that takes care of all the rescue animals. Maybe staying on longer here in London might not be such a bad idea after all.

What does Rachel decide to do with her aunt's house and dog rescue business? Could there be a mutual attraction going on between Rachel and the vet?

I really enjoyed this story and I loved how the cast of characters, both human and canine, fit perfectly in the storyline. I felt this was a heartwarming tale that really had some wonderfully touching moments in it. Not to mention there seemed to be some romance brewing in the storyline too which made it even more endearing to me. If you want a light romance with a little bit of comedy and a whole lot of feel good moments, than look no further because you have found the perfect story to add to your collection!

Book Blurb for Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts

An irresistible novel about women, men, and the dogs that own them.

Thirty-nine year old Rachel is having a really bad year. After losing her job and breaking up with her boyfriend, Rachel has inherited her late aunt's house, her beloved border collie, and a crowded rescue kennel, despite the fact that she knows almost nothing about dogs. Still, considering her limited options, she gamely takes up the challenge of running the kennel. And as Rachel starts finding new homes for the abandoned strays, it turns out that it might not just be the dogs that need rescuing.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.00