Lone Star Intrigue

Lone Star Intrigue Series

Within this anthology the author has penned two entertaining stories.

In Texas Heat: Book 1, Charli Friedmont and her five-year-old daughter, Bonnie, have come home to Bullard, Texas to start a new life for themselves. Charli is trying to piece her troubled life back together again after her first husband left her while she was pregnant with their daughter. Now working and living in Bullard seems like the right place for her and Bonnie to lay down some roots. But all hell breaks loose when the police chief of Bullard, Jack Mansfield, comes to arrest Charli for supposedly embezzling $100,000 from the very bank she works at. Jack has to follow through with arresting Charli even though it's breaking his heart that he's arresting the very woman who he's been in love with for over a decade. You see, they dated years ago and Charli regrets now how she left things off with Jack. But even though she broke his heart years ago, he'll stop at nothing to prove that Charli isn't the criminal that everyone is labeling her to be. He decides to enlist the help of his private-eye brother, Sonny, to have him find out the truth of who really is behind the embezzling scheme. Jack is even willing to stake his law enforcement career on Charli's innocence. Does Jack find out the truth of who really stole the money? Can he solve the case before Charli is locked away permanently and be able to rekindle a relationship with her before it's too late for them?

Sonny Mansfield, a private detective, is approached by a man named Maurice who is trying to locate his "ex-wife" and kidnapped "son" in Texas Pursuit: Book 2. Sonny takes on the case and soon realizes that he's made the mistake of his life because this very man is terrorizing Tanya and her adopted son. These are the very two people that Maurice is claiming are his "family" members. You see, Maurice and Tanya met on a return flight to Texas that she took when she returned home from adopting her son from halfway around the world. For hours he dropped hints that he was interested in her and she couldn't wait to get off the flight to be rid of him. But as soon as they went their separate ways, it seemed soon after that Tanya started receiving gifts, voicemails and even found him stalking her. For safety reasons, she decided to move. Now, she finds out that through the assistance of Sonny, a PI, he has led Maurice straight to her again. What's making this case even more complex is it seems that Tanya and Sonny are interested in each other. The question is will Sonny be able to help stop Maurice before he does any harm to Tanya and her son?

I have to say that I really enjoyed both books in this series and Ms. White Smith has another fan following her work now. Both books immediately engrossed me and held me until the very last sentence. This is definitely an intriguing faith based series that I think would pull in any reader who picks this series up. The characters are easy to fall in love with and you can't help but want things to work out between both couples. I'm definitely looking into other books the author might already have written because I enjoyed both stories so much. This series is definitely worth looking into!

Book Blurb for Lone Star Intrigue

Now available together, the first two books in Debra White Smith's acclaimed Lone Star Intrigue series

In the small town of Bullard, Texas, the Mansfield brothers seem to have everything in order . . . except for their love lives. Jack is the lonely police chief still pining after Charli, his college girlfriend. Younger brother Sonny keeps busy on the road as a private investigator, and a secret from his past prevents him from finding someone to settle down with. But all that is about to change. . . .

In Texas Heat, Charli is wrongly accused of a terrible crime. Now Jack must arrest the one woman he's ever loved and risk everything to prove her innocence and save her life.

In Texas Pursuit, a single mother is a target of a relentless stalker—and Sonny finds himself both the only man who can protect her and the one who inadvertently leads danger back into her world.

Page-turning novels of romance and suspense, the Lone Star Intrigue series will give you faith in the power of love, and remind you that having faith in a God who redeems our mistakes is the greatest love story of all.

Includes discussion questions, a letter from the author, and a preview of the final book in the series

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.50