Locked In

Wicked Missions, #1

I really enjoyed this debut story by Ms. Raines. Her characters were easy to fall in love with, her storyline was purely entertaining and the sex scenes between Leesa, Cain and Geoff were scorching hot. Clearly this author has talent and she knows how to give her readers what they're looking for in a great book. I honestly have to say that I hated to see it end. Great job, Ms. Raines, on your debut novel and please keep the stories coming! I highly recommend this story to other readers!

Book Blurb for Locked In

Leesa Bouchard hires pilots and fellow wranglers Cain Hammel and Geoff Adams to share her lucrative mission--to bring the Dreaming Death virus from the barren planet of Charos in the war torn Rhotan System to Virus Initiative Corporation on Earth. On their return flight, they're arrested for smuggling an "illegal" virus, despite their insistence they were hired for the job. The sentence? Quarantine--thirty days for Leesa to spend with the two men she's fantasized about for the entire mission. As they explore their mutual attraction and nurture their growing affection, she finds herself the target of a government investigation into who contracted her to collect the deadly virus. Evidence points to terrorists from the Rhotan System who might be targeting Earth. Can Cain and Geoff help Leesa clear her name and protect her when a government agent wants to use her as bait to capture the terrorists?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 5.00