Living a Life of Gratitude

Your Journey to Grace, Joy & Healing

In this latest book by Ms. Wiseman, she has taken the time to reflect and write about her own life and tells us about situations she has experienced. She has put them into short stories that everyone can read. Not every story may fit something you’re presently experiencing in your life, but there are plenty that I think any reader could relate to, at one point or another, in their own life. It’s through these personal accounts of the author’s, that she tries teaching each of us that life should be lived in a matter in which we are grateful for the vast amounts of experiences that have presented themselves to us throughout the years - good, bad or indifferent- and we are to learn from them because they have helped shape who we are. Each time we become grateful for something and we truly celebrate that unique situation on a cognitive level, we are opening our hearts to another level of gratefulness that we will experience in the future. Essentially, she’s stating that each lesson of gratitude will lead to the next lesson of gratitude we are about to embark upon sometime in our lifetime.

I’ve never read anything by this author before this book, but I must say that I really enjoyed her conversational tone throughout. I’m not sure if this is how she has presented her other books in the past, but I love when an author opens themselves up on such a personal level for their readers to learn from, as Ms. Wiseman has done here, and allows us to use her experiences as a guideline for our own individual lessons to be learned. Each story is unique and you honestly don’t have to read the book in chapter order if you aren’t inclined to do so. You can skip around and read whatever story that might catch your eye on a particular day. Overall, this was an enjoyable book to read.

Book Blurb for Living a Life of Gratitude

In the moment that we give thanks, everything changes . . .

. . . Our hearts crack open. We are flooded with love. And in that exact instant, we shift to an awareness that is positive, joyous, and brimming.

Sharing uplifting stories that travel from the beginnings of life to the end, Living a Life of Gratitude shows you how to open your heart to a journey of reflection that will help you slow down and appreciate life for what it is. Whether you use it as a source for discovering inspiration or for strength in times of struggle, this book is a guide to finding light and love, even when you least expect it.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.00