Lingering Spirit

Nicole and Steve Ainsworth decide that moving to the country would be an easier and better way of life for all of them, especially since Steve, a police officer, has a premonition that if they stay where they are he's going to be killed in the line of duty. Without hesitation, Nicole agrees that the move is a great idea if it'll banish any bad intuition Steve may be feeling right now.

After the move, all seems good for a short time. They start adjusting to living in the country and things seem to be falling into place for them. But all it takes is one night to turn their happy lives into turmoil. Nicole isn't ready for the life changing event that is about to happen to her and her family. Her husband, Steve, heads out to work, as a local town officer, and he's killed during a regular traffic stop. From the moment Nicole is told that he has passed away, strange things start happening to her that she just can't seem to have an explanation for. They're happening so much so that she even begins to think that she might be losing her mind.

What are the occurrences that Nicole is experiencing? Does anyone believe her when she explains what is happening to her? Who is behind all these strange occurrences?

I thought this was a good story and I really enjoyed the ghost related storyline the author created. I felt bad that Nicole and Steve decided to move away thinking that it would cure his bad premonition of dying, but in fact it happened anyway. My heart bled for her and her two younger daughters. If you're looking for a story that you'll get engrossed in for a few hours, look no further. This story definitely gives any reader the hope that our deceased love ones are still around and protecting us after they have passed on.

Book Blurb for Lingering Spirit

After her police officer husband is killed in the line of duty, Nicole Ainsworth struggles with the changes forced on her life. Her efforts to focus on her daughters and cope with her grief are kept off-balance by images of Steve, her deceased husband who seems to be trying to communicate with her. Eventually, Nicole finds that Steve isn't the only one watching over her, and discovers a second chance at happiness.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.00