Letters From Home

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Letters From Home

Debut Novel

Three women, Betty Cordell, Julia Renard and Liz Stephens, decide to become roommates together in Chicago during WWII. Each one aspires something different in their lives. Betty decides that marrying someone affluent is the right decision for her because she doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes her mother did. Julia gets an offer to be an intern at a well-known fashion design company, but decides to decline the position so she can wait for her soldier fiancé to come home and marry her. Liz questions if what she really wants is to become a professor married to a politician, but when she meets a soldier named Morgan McClain and becomes smitten with him things get more confusing for her. Ironically, Morgan is more interested in Betty and asks her if she would like to correspond with him while he’s away. She accepts, but the one who really is writing to him is Liz.

Does Morgan ever find out that Betty and Liz played him for a fool? Do the women all get what they desire in the end?

I found this story to be very engrossing and the characters were easy to fall in love with. I wanted them all to get what they wanted out of life and to just be happy. I wasn’t too keen on the fact that Liz was the one corresponding with Morgan and lying to him that she was Betty. If you’re looking for a book that will engage you from the first page and take you on a journey until the very last line, than you have found a gem in this one!

Book Blurb for Letters From Home

In the midst of World War II, a Midwestern infantryman falls deeply in love through a yearlong letter exchange, unaware that the girl he's writing to is not the one replying. Woven around this tenuous thread are three female friends whose journeys toward independence take unexpected turns as a result of romance, tragedy, and deception, their repercussions heightened by an era of the unknown. A story of hope and connection, of sacrifices made in love and war – and the chance encounters that change us forever<

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 5.00