Less Talk, More Action

This was definitely a fun, hot read that this author penned. Right from the start, the author began telling her steamy story to her readers. When Rylee Shotts came home and he became aware of two girls having some fun on their outside balcony, he thought he died and gone to Heaven. These girls were so hot he wished he was over there having some fun with them. Little did he know that from that night forward, things would be very different and exciting for him. This was a really short story that I swore caused steam to come off my e-reader as I turned the pages. Well done!

Rylee Shotts comes home and decides to have a cold, refreshing beer on his balcony to relax and cool off during this scorching hot night. He never imagines that this night would turn even more scotching after he witnesses some girl-on-girl action on the balcony next door. Both women are beautiful and very sexy and he could only imagine how much fun he’d have if he were invited over to party with them. Do the girls ever notice Rylee watching them? Is he ever given the opportunity to have some fun with them?

Book Blurb for Less Talk, More Action

Rylee Shotts can’t believe his luck when he witnesses the noisy girl-on-girl action next door. Brooke and Erica are so hot for each other, he doesn’t think twice about using the scene for his own pleasurable satisfaction.

When Brooke, the leggy main attraction of his fantasy-come-true, offers him no-strings sex, Rylee can’t refuse. Then her playmate joins in—and raw, carnal lust runs free during an explosive morning of heated mouths, desperate tongues and the kind of ecstasy Rylee’s only dreamed about.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00