Last Chance Cowboy

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Last Chance Cowboy

American Romance's Men of the West, American #1365

I'm a big fan of Ms. McDavid's writing style and clearly she won me over with her latest book. Her characters, Gabe and Sage, were extremely likeable and I felt that I developed a relationship with the both of them as if they were real friends of mine. The author wrote a great story and she created such compelling characters that ultimately made this book stand out to me. I love great cowboy stories and surely Ms. McDavid doesn't disappoint in her newest book. If you're looking for an engrossing story told by some captivating characters, than you have stumbled upon a gem of a read with this one. Please keep the wonderful cowboy stories coming! Well done!

Book Blurb for Last Chance Cowboy

The Last Cowboy of Mustang Valley

The Powell Ranch is not the expansive spread it used to be. With a good part of its land sold off to developers, Gabe Powell is struggling to save his disappearing way of life. He has a legacy to leave his daughter, and starting a stud farm would give him financial stability. But first he must capture the wild horse he's spotted in nearby Mustang Valley.

Sage Navarre is in Arizona on an urgent domestic matter that will secure her young child's future. And as a government field agent, she's been ordered to help Gabe track down an escaped mustang while she's here. Working with the cowboy is an incredible experience—and Sage finds herself wildly attracted to him.

But what will Gabe say when she dashes his dreams for his ranch? Because he's not the only one who wants that mustang.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 5.00