Killer Crullers

Donut Shop Mysteries

Suzanne Hart, owner of the donut shop Donut Hearts located in April Springs, North Carolina, just can't seem to stay out of trouble. When her friend Gabby Williams is assaulted by a crazy man named Desmond Ray, who is throwing a bunch of Suzanne's crullers he just bought from her shop, it seems that neither woman knows what to make of the situation. He claims that Gabby has stolen a few family valuables that supposedly were in the pockets of some clothes she bought off his family to sell in her thrift shop. Gabby sticks to her alibi that she doesn't have a clue as to what Desmond is talking about. When he shows up dead behind Suzanne's donut shop, all hell breaks loose and another mystery needs to be solved by Suzanne and her amateur sleuth friends.

Can they find out who killed Desmond and why did someone want him dead in the first place? Do Suzanne and her friends get to the bottom of the mystery to clear Gabby and her name?

This is the sixth book in A Donut Shop Mystery series and each book just gets better and better. I feel that I've developed such a friendship with Suzanne, her friends and her mother that I just lose myself in the story as if it's happening in front of me. If you're a fan of light cozy mysteries this is definitely a series to look into. Each book can stand alone, but I highly recommend reading them in order so you can really enjoy the series completely. Please keep writing more books, Ms. Beck!

Book Blurb for Killer Crullers

WELCOME BACK TO DONUT HEARTS- where the coffee is hot, the donuts are fresh, and the crullers are to die for.

As owner of April Springs's one and only donut shop, Suzanne Hart is privy to the deliciously personal, downright eccentric tastes of her customers. One man is crazy for crullers-heavy on the icing. But when he doesn't pick up his order, a tall dark stranger buys the whole box. Which he tosses, one drippy cruller at a time, at her friend Gabby's storefront next door.

The man claims that stolen family valuables ended up in Gabby's thrift shop. His wild, weird behavior has Suzanne wanting to call the cops. But when he turns up dead-outside of Donut Hearts, no less-the cops come calling for her and Gabby. Can Suzanne prove that their role in the cruller-vandal killing is a cruel, albeit sugar-coated, twist of fate?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 5.00