Just Surrender...

Harlequin Blaze, #611

Cab driver Edie Higgins meets Dr. Tyler Hart, a surgeon, when he hops into her cab at JFK airport. Tyler is a native Texan, but is in New York for a medical fellowship where he's coincidentally working with Edie's well known father, who happens to be a heart surgeon.

Edie definitely finds Tyler attractive, but is extremely cautious in getting in too deep with him because she fears that she'll be sharing him with his patients. This is exactly what her mother had to deal with when Edie's dad was in high demand while they were dating. Edie refuses for this to happen to her too.

But having a fling and keeping things light might just be the perfect plan that could work out for the both of them.

Does Edie's theory work out for them in the long run?

Ms. O'Reilly penned a good story and created Edie to be this full of life, funky kind of character that made me feel that she wasn't the right match for Tyler. The author threw in quite a few twists and turns into her storyline and I just felt that things between Tyler and Edie were crazy throughout the story. Overall, this book helped me pass the time, but I wasn't as engrossed as I had hoped to be.

Book Blurb for Just Surrender...

Straitlaced surgeon Tyler Hart hops into a cab at JFK…and goes on the ride of his life. Punky, funky, fly-by-night cabbie Edie Higgins takes him on an all-night New York City adventure involving a flat tire, a strip club and diner food. Oh, and a mind-blowing early-morning romp in a notoriously naughty hotel.

So when Edie offers to become newly single Tyler's love sensei, he thinks, why not? Especially since she's a very hands-on teacher.

They couldn't be more different, but they're about to learn the same lesson: to just surrender. Everything.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 3.00