Judith's Place

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Judith's Place

Dreams of Plain Daughters Series, #2

Schoolteacher Judith Hershberger dreams of obtaining a GED even though she’s Amish and she doesn’t need to further her education past their mandated eighth grade level. It’s something she’s always wanted to do and now since she’s in her Rumspringa, she feels it’s the perfect time to achieve her goal since she hasn’t been baptized into the Amish faith yet. But her decision doesn’t sit well with her family because they fear that once she gets her GED, she’ll probably want to go to college too. If that’s the case, it’ll probably make Judith decide that since she has the taste of freedom like an English person, she may not want to be baptized – even though this will lead to her being shunned from the Amish community. Her family all prays and hopes that God will show Judith the correct path she needs to take in her life.

Meanwhile, she begins getting close to Amish fellow Jacob Weaver. He also is in his Rumspringa and is thinking about obtaining his driver’s license to help drive a truck at the lumberyard he works at. He really likes Judith, but fears that with them both going through Rumspringa things could seriously change for them. He puts his concerns into God’s hands and prays he’ll be directed onto the path God has chosen for him.

Does Judith get her GED? Does Jacob decide to get his driver’s license? Do they both enjoy their time during Rumspringa and then join the Amish faith? Is there the possibility that Judith and Jacob could court and get married?

Ms. Craver penned a wonderful addition to the Dreams of Plain Daughters Series. I fell in love with Judith immediately and I enjoyed her thirst for knowledge. I wanted her to get her GED, but I wondered if she did get it, would that be enough for her so she could then work on getting baptized? When Jacob was introduced into the story, I enjoyed getting to know him and I knew that I wanted him paired with Judith. In doing so, I also knew that they both had to make quite a few serious decisions before they even decided on courting each other. The author held my attention from the very first page until the very last word. If you’re an Amish novel reader, this is one series you should definitely consider looking into.

Book Blurb for Judith's Place

Judith Hershberger wonders what her life would have been like had she been born into an English family instead of an Amish one. Would she be happier with the freedom to obtain more schooling as an English young woman instead of being limited to only an eighth grade Amish education?

In Judith’s Place, the second book in the Dreams of Plain Daughters Series, schoolteacher Judith Hershberger yearns to learn more despite the educational restriction imposed on her because of her Amish upbringing. Wanting more than an eighth grade education, she puts off joining the Amish faith. During her rumspringa, she’ll be able to obtain her high school diploma without being shunned. Her father is afraid Judith will leave their Amish community if she passes the GED test. He knows she’s unhappy that Amish women are expected to follow a certain path in life.

When a non-Amish college student, Eliza Dunbar, observes Judith in her classroom, a friendship between the two young women develops. Eliza gives Judith the nudge she needs to study for her GED test. Eliza wonders what it would be like to switch places with Judith to live a simple life without electricity and other modern conveniences. Judith envies Eliza because she is free to attend college.

Jacob Weaver finally gets the courage to ask Judith to go with him to a Sunday singing. Like Judith, he wants to do something that isn’t allowed in their Plain community. Jacob wants to get his driver’s license so he can drive a truck to make the deliveries for the lumberyard. He needs to earn enough money to buy his own small farm. But even though it sounds plausible, Jacob feels stress with trying to learn to drive a truck instead of a buggy. Once he accomplishes this, Jacob plans to become baptized and join the Amish church.

Will Judith decide to stay in her Amish community or will she decide to leave in order to attend college? Will Judith’s friendship with Jacob influence her as she finds her place?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 5.00