Jenny Cussler's Last Stand

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Jenny Cussler's Last Stand

I loved this latest book by Ms. McBride. I found myself instantly bonding with Jenny Cussler, the author’s main female character, because she was so down to earth and had a few insecurities about her that made her so realistic. I enjoyed the fact that Jenny was stepping out of her shell a bit by attending this Native American veteran’s camp called Camp Chaparral with her best friend, Kate. When Jenny met up with Clint Dawson, a Native American guy who was assisting in the everyday functions of running the camp, I could feel their instant connection and hoped that something would come out of the spark they both felt for each other. Ms. McBride didn’t disappoint with this story and I highly recommend it. The author has a smooth, flowing writing style that’s a pleasure to read and I have to say I eagerly look forward to reading any book she writes. This is a keeper in my library!

Jenny Cussler decides to attend a one week Native American camp located at Mount Adams in Washington State. When she arrives, she never anticipates meeting and instantly becoming attracted to Native American Clint Dawson. Over the coming days, both Jenny and Clint will have to deal with many questions and insecurities facing them, of her being a white woman and him being a Native American, if they decide to start dating each other. The question remains are they able to look past all the hurdles that present themselves during this brief week at camp? Are their feelings strong enough to pursue something further after the week is over?

Book Blurb for Jenny Cussler's Last Stand

Social worker Jenny Cussler has a number of Native American veterans in her caseload and is attracted to their culture. When given the opportunity to attend a weeklong awareness camp on a reservation high in the mountains, she is eager despite the distance from her established city life.

Clint Hastings, a presenter at the camp, has no intention of straying outside his race for a relationship. But this perky redhead captivates his attention and constantly needs rescuing -- when she's not rescuing him from the clutches of the woman he managed to evade a year ago and who's back stalking him again.

Clint soon loses his heart, while Jenny is charmed but realizes how little they have in common. In the real world away from the mountain, there might not be a happy-ever-after ending. Is she ready to trade her pavement-bound existence for the reservation? Or would he be willing to give up his chosen lifestyle?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 5.00