Ivory Pal

Born to Fly Higher ~ Beyond the Blue Ribbons

When Rafael Valle sets his eyes on a gorgeous golden palomino named Ivory Pal, his life will be forever changed. He knew this horse had an aura about him and a spirit that he never saw in any other horse he had ever met, even though Ivory Pal was labeled a “show horse reject” in the horse community. Unfortunately, he was faced with the daunting task that this Tennessee Walking Horse might never enter a show ring, because Ivory Pal just wouldn’t allow any owners or trainers to train him in the traditional methods that were used. Even knowing that the odds were immediately against him, Rafael bought Ivory Pal and vowed to himself that he wasn’t going to give up on this magnificent horse. Rafael was able to touch Ivory Pal’s soul like no one else had and miraculously the horse began allowing Rafael to train him in unconventional ways. The bond that formed between these two was something that was based on love, respect and trust. Was Ivory Pal able to be fully trained by Rafael? Were they both able to prove how wrong the horse community was for labeling Ivory Pal a “show horse reject?”

What a moving story this author wrote about a magnificent horse I would love to have met. I’m so happy that Rafael never gave up on what his heart was telling him about Ivory Pal. I was amazed by not only the aesthetic beauty of the horse, but also the beauty his soul had to offer. I’m thrilled that Rafael was the trainer to have experienced working with Ivory Pal because of the unspoken respect, love and trust they shared with each other on a daily basis. This story immediately drew me in because I wanted to find out more about Ivory Pal and see if he could ultimately be trained by Rafael. If you’re a horse lover and are looking for a wonderful story to touch your heart, there’s no need to look any further.

Book Blurb for Ivory Pal

Try as they might, the trainers could not get Ivory Pal to comply with the "traditional" Tennessee Walking Horse training techniques. The beautiful palomino colt had completely given up, shut down, relegated to a box stall 24/7, until he met his new partner Rafael Valle. His fate was about to take a U-turn. A heartwarming true story of a "show horse reject", his trials and triumphs, and his relationship with Valle built on trust and mutual respect rather than on fear and intimidation.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 5.00