It's a Wild Life

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It's a Wild Life

How My Life Became a Zoo

All Bud DeYoung wanted since he was a child was to own his own zoo. Many blood, sweat and tears later, he got his wish. Being the workaholic that he is, Bud and his companion Carrie devote all their time and money into making the DeYoung Family Zoo in Michigan a place that every visitor can enjoy.

In this heartwarming story, Mr. DeYoung pours his heart out to his readers and explains how ever since he was a child, he had a passion for animals. This passion led him to having a rescue facility of his own, which then eventually led him into expanding it into a full sized zoo. He explained the many hardships he has faced over the years and how many times he didn’t know how he’d get through the harsh winters with these animals, but as always love conquered all. I really enjoyed this story and loved following along with Mr. DeYoung on his passionate journey to where he is right now in his life. The one setback I did notice throughout the book was that he told many stories that just didn’t connect from story-to-story and from chapter-to-chapter. They felt disconnected to me, but I didn’t let that spoil the story for me overall. If you’re an animal lover at heart, you may want to check this story out.

Book Blurb for It's a Wild Life

Pursuing your passion includes a whole lot of crap. For Bud DeYoung, that’s about two hundred pounds a day!

Since childhood, Bud had a passion for animals. As an adult, that passion led to the rescue of a bear who lived in his family’s house, then more animals crowding for space, until Bud eventually built an entire private zoo around his home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Along the way, a regular visitor named Carrie joined her passion for animals with Bud’s. Together they now educate the public about animal conservation, battle the harsh winters and blazing summers, and daily dole out love to the hundreds of rescued animals in their care. Meanwhile, they teach by example how to make the world a better place while pursuing their passion.

Welcome to the fascinating, heartwarming journey of one man, one woman, and an amazing cast of critters, whose stories will warm your soul. Welcome to the wild life of the DeYoung Family Zoo.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.00