It's a Firefly Night

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It's a Firefly Night

In this adorably illustrated story that’s told in rhyming phrases, we are told the story of how a little girl gets exciting when her father tells her that it’s the perfect night to go firefly catching. When the moon is out and the stars are clear in the night sky, her daddy takes her out to enjoy the firefly show while she tries catching them in a jar. Once she gets a few in the jar and she watches each one of them glow for a little while, one by one she sets them free. I have to say that this was such a fun, enjoyable story that you can read to a child or group of children. They will all have fun listening to the rhymes and looking at the colorful illustrations that are provided for everyone to follow along with. As an added bonus, the author even included nine facts about fireflies that you can share with your child so they can learn more about fireflies. I think that was a nice little touch Ms. Ochiltree added to an already fun story. The book states that it’s perfect for ages 3-7 and you can even have the older child read the book to you to help with his or her reading skills. This is an ideal book to buy as a gift for any younger child in your life. Well done, Ms. Ochiltree!

When her father says it’s “firefly time” his daughter can’t wait to go outside with him to see how many fireflies she can catch that evening. One-by-one she adds them to a glass jar and watches as each firefly gives their own firelight show for her and her father to enjoy. After a few minutes of watching them glow, she releases one at a time back into the night and while getting ready to go to sleep, she eagerly looks forward to the next firefly show they’ll both share together.

Book Blurb for It's a Firefly Night

"One, two, three, four, five. My jar's like a light bulb that's just come alive." The lilting verses in this concept book chronicle a girl's capture and release of ten fireflies. Kid-readers will count up and down along with the song-like text. Interesting information about fireflies is included in the book's final spread, adding a touch of accessible nonfiction to this charming not-just-for-bedtime offering.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 5.00