In Good Hands

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In Good Hands

Harlequin Blaze #599

Amber Smithson, a high-powered doctor, decides that she really wants to pursue her career in a different direction now that she was fired for practicing homeopathic medicine on her patients. She sets out on her own path and decides that homeopathic medicine and healing is the way she wants to practice since there are so many advantages to this alternative medicine.

While taking the elevator, she meets corporate lawyer, Roger Martell, and sparks instantly start flying between these two. The sparks are so intense that they have hot, scorching sex right there in the elevator. One things leads to another and she finds out that Roger is suffering from high blood pressure and is looking for an alternative treatment to get it under control. Having a few more sessions with beautiful Amber is just what the doctor orders, but he hopes that this isn’t just a temporary treatment. He wants Amber in his life permanently, but isn’t sure if that’s what she’d like also.

Do Amber and Roger decide to make their relationship a permanent thing?

I found this story to be hot and sexy the whole way through and I enjoyed the chemistry these two characters had for one another. I had hoped that Amber would have strong enough feelings to make her and Roger’s relationship something more permanent and in the end I hoped that Roger’s health benefitted from it too. If you’re looking for a book that you can get lost in for a few hours, than look no further.

Book Blurb for In Good Hands

Amber Smithson just had mind-blowing sex with a totally hot stranger. In an elevator! Ditching her high-powered medical career to become a homeopathic doctor sure didn't prep her for this kind of hands-on therapy.

Corporate lawyer Roger Martell leads a high-pressure lifestyle that's given him money and power.and, unfortunately, high blood pressure. His solution? Ask the deliciously soothing doc to help him out with a few alternative treatments.and plenty more steam-up-the-yoga-studio sex!

The results leave them both healthy and very, very happy.

Still, a few nights of great sex won't bring down Roger's blood pressure indefinitely. Amber's in his bed now, but that doesn't mean she'll stay there.

Unless, of course, Roger can talk Amber into making those house calls a permanent thing..

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 3.50