In Franklin's House

I found this story to be a thoroughly entertaining story. It had characters that were so believable that I couldn't help but be drawn to them. I loved the fact that the author wrote the story wrapped around the ghost that inhabited Kate's house. If you're a ghost lover like I am, than this is definitely one book you should look into! Great job, Ms. Lauderdale!

Book Blurb for In Franklin's House

In an isolated, turn-of-the-last century house set on a Northern California hillside, Kate steps into a deserted room that exudes a strange appeal. Based largely on her reaction to this room, she decides to buy the Victorian and to move from Iowa with husband Dan, whose affair has rocked their marriage. Lost in this California environment far from her home and familiar things, Kate is drawn repeatedly to the upstairs room where she finds a diary written in 1906, and a delicate rose bud necklace. The diarist describes visits from her deceased husband, Franklin Elliott, a poet. Captivated by their devotion to each other, Kate can't resist doning the necklace, which, to her amazement provides a portal though which Franklin can enter Kate's world.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.00